How to look fashionable on a budget in Dubai!

Dubai is the very epitome of materialism, but with the city’s high cost of living, it can be difficult for some to maintain an extravagant wardrobe. However, all hope isn’t lost, there are plenty of life hacks one can use to still look the part when they step out!

Read on for the top tips on how to do so.

Decide on what you really need

Are you the type of person to spend AED 200 on one sweater from H&M or 10 tops from a bargain outlet?

Both the options are fine, but the majority of people want the expensive top but end up buying cheaper clothes as impulse shopping. Ideally, you would want to resist the impulse buys and buy the nicer option.

Spend a few minutes on this and ask yourself how do I want to dress?

Take a look at what you have

A common behaviour among people is to hoard and amass clothes that are rarely, if not ever worn. Look into your closet and find what you have and what is lacking.

Do you have many black shirts, but hardly any other colours? Do you have any date-worthy shoes? Are there any pants you don’t wear as they require ironing?

Since you already have a clear picture of how you want to dress, it should be easy to sort out what fits your taste and what does not. Take your Sunday morning off and try out all the clothes. If you don’t like it, keep them in a separate pile. Get rid of those clothes you need to lose weight for and those clothes you’ve kept in your closet for ages without wearing.

Sell, trade or throw away this pile

If any of the clothes you have hold value, you can try to sell them and make a pretty penny. You can sell them on eBay, on neighbourhood sale groups on Facebook or host a garage sale if you have any other household items lying around! Give the rest to a friend or donate them to the homeless.

Go for the classics

Write a list of the clothes that would be a part of your dream closet. A small number of quality well-fitting clothes can enhance your looks way better than hundreds of cheap looking and ill-fitting clothes ever will.

Opt for classic clothes and furnish them with the trends. For men, well-fitting pants and a wrinkle-free shirt is a classic clothing option while for women, it could be a black dress with an infinity scarf and statement earrings thrown into the mix.

Be wary of shopping online

It won’t hurt to check at both retail outlets and online e-commerce sites. Online sites do have attractive deals but make sure it is a reputable site. You can gain an idea of this by reading reviews of the company on review websites like Trustpilot. For instance, has a 9.4 rating on the side and the fact that they offer a 7-day no questions asked return policy makes it ideal for anyone unsure about the product they are ordering. Whether it is an expensive Bang & Olufsen Beoplay A1 Speaker or a Boogie Board Blackboard, the return policy makes it easy to return the product if you are not happy with it.


Check out thrift shops

You will never know if you like thrift shopping unless you try it! On the same vein, check out clearance sales or online clearance sites where you can find great Buckley London Jewellery or refurbished watches for amazing prizes.


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