Want Classy Yet Affordable Workwear Jewelry? Hand-Picked Wardrobe Must-Haves!

Any work outfit wouldn’t be complete without a simple selection of elegant and understated jewelry. Jewelry that you wear to the office needs to make a statement without being over the top. It can be a bit hard to find just the right set of jewels to wear to work and at the right price too. If you do a little digging online you might come across jewelry by Buckley London. Crafted with precision, the designs by Buckley London are quite stylish and attractive. Some timeless pieces that you simply cannot miss out on are:

Wave Hoop Earrings: There are many different types of hoop earrings but these Wave Hoops from Buckley London stands out for their beauty and uniqueness. These half hoop earrings have a softly swirling wavy pattern to them and are finished with white crystal details. These earrings would go very well with a dark coloured formal skirt that is paired with a matching blazer.

Stud Earrings: If you are not a fan of hoops, then you can always fall back on these trusty stud earrings from Buckley London. Large, dangling earrings are very distracting at the office and might impart a frivolous image. So keep them for parties and rely on these cubic zirconia studs instead. At 40 AED, these earrings will reach you in 3-5 working days in their original boxed packaging.

Silver Chain With Pendant: The cubic zirconia pendant from Buckley London is the perfect match to the above mentioned stud earrings. The sparkling pendant hangs from a short Singapore chain that is also plated in pure rhodium. They are fade resistant and will last a lifetime if cared for properly. The price is only 40 AED but to be honest it looks to be worth far more.

Two Tone Rings: Combining the best of both worlds, these lovely rings are not flashy but will sit comfortably on your finger. It is set with Austrian crystals and will lend a touch of sophistication to your work attire. It originally costs 210 AED but UnBox Deals have them at a discount price of 40 AED only saving you 170 AED!

Gold Plated Chain With Pendant: If you are more of a gold person, then you could go for this slender gold plated chain from Buckley London, which comes with a small oval shaped pendant that is scattered with crystal gems. At just 45 AED this deal is a steal!

Bangles & Bracelets: Buckley London has a variety of bangles and bracelets on offer but my favourite especially for formal wear would be the Micro Pave Snowball Bangle. This gorgeous piece of jewelry is sure to catch everyone’s eye! This bangle is an open design one which means that it will fit wrists of different sizes. So they can even be an excellent gift for a special woman in your life. The beauty of this bangle is that it can transition smoothly from day wear into evening wear too and at just 150 AED you will simply fall in love with it!

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