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Scrolling endlessly through online shopping sites and doing the online version of window shopping is one of the most enjoyable things you can do on the internet. What is not great is when you get the clothes you ordered, only to find that they resemble nothing of what you expected. To avoid that disappointment, here are our top tips to ensure you have a hassle-free and successful shopping experience.

Check the size chart before every purchase

Size 7 at one shop does not necessarily mean the same at the next shop. Always look at the measurements; it will save you from possible heartbreak later! Most of the time, the measurements are included in some part of the page. If it is not, email the company or contact them via social media; they will be glad to help you out!

Read reviews

Most online sites have a page where customers can leave reviews of the product and a great source of information about the product. Of course, take the feedback with a grain of salt, but if there is a general inclination that the product is sub-par, then it’s better to look elsewhere.

It’s worth looking at the return policy… just in case

Even if you are confident you will not regret the purchase, check up on the return policy, the maximum allowed days and other rules. Some companies are more liberal than others – for instance, offers a generous 7-day return policy on their handbags and every other product in case you don’t like it. This way you know what to do if there is the need to return what you purchased.

Sign up for mailing lists

Signing up for the shopping site’s mailing lists is the easiest way to stay updated with sales and other offers. You will be the first in line for any promotion and it gives you enough time to plan the shopping rather than doing anything rashly.

Do plenty of research 

Possibly the biggest advantage of online shopping is that consumers can avail themselves to a wider variety so why not take advantage of that? Instead of buying the first watch you come across, take the time to check other e-commerce sites as there is a chance you will get the same item for cheaper. Instead of picking that expensive Armani Exchange watch you were eyeballing, you might be able to pick a refurbished Armani Exchange timepiece for a fraction of the price!

Browse the items on sales first

Browsing through the sale racks in a physical store can be a hectic affair but this is hardly the case on the internet. All the items are neatly catalogued and with the use of filters, you can quickly check if what you want is on sale.

Pro tip; check the return policy for items on sale. In some cases, the policy differs for items on sale!


Take advantage of coupon sites

When it comes to online shopping, a little sleuthing before you click purchase can go a great way. Check out coupon sites, such as, for discount codes for several e-commerce sites.

A chrome extension named Honey is also a great tool for online shopping. It scans the internet and lets you know if there are available discount codes for the items on your screen.

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