Top Discount Stores in UAE

The introduction of Vat this year, along with price increases in petrol and school fees, means that many UAE residents have had to tighten their belts. It doesn’t occur to most of us that we are paying over the odds for everything from clothes to sweets, because we are in a mall or high-street shop. These charge a higher price because of rent, layout, and location. Enter the discount shop: one of the consequences of higher pricing is the increase in the number of discount stores popping up around the UAE.

Visiting these outlets is a great way to save. Discount stores are usually found off the beaten track, where the rent they have to pay is less. And while the interior does not quite match the standard of glitz you may have become accustomed to in the UAE, the savings you find will put a spring in your step.

Here is a list of our favorite discount shops.

Outlet Mall

Located on Dubai Al-Ain Road (Route 66), this was the first outlet concept in the Middle East.

It might be a long ways off for many, but by driving a little bit out of your way, you can enjoy discounts of between 30 and 90 percent. Our favorite day to visit is Mondays. The mall operates a concept called Bargain Mondays, which offer even further markdowns, all of which are displayed outside participating shops each week. It gives the mall a souq-like feel and also means you don’t have to go digging to find the best available bargains because someone else has done it for you. To see special offers and bargains, visit the website here.


Brands4u is the biggest factory outlet in Dubai. It’s the same concept as Dubai Outlet Mall, but all the brands you want are under one roof. Our favorite outlet is in Reef Mall in Dubai’s Deira district; there is also an outlet in Al Raha Mall in Abu Dhabi. Although the merchandise might be one or two seasons out of date, the prices more than make up for it. Brands4U also hosts three-day super-sales in the halls of Dubai World Trade Centre. Like their Facebook page to keep a watch on when the next super-sale will take place.


Unboxdeals is an online clearance store and the only one of its kind in the UAE. An e-commerce site that focuses on clearance, unboxed, refurbished, and pre-owned products, Unboxdeals offers the latest products for prices way below the market prices. Additionally, they offer a generous return and refund policy that allows you to return a product if it’s not in the condition you were looking for!

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